Nonprofit board coach

In these difficult times, a productive nonprofit board is a necessity, not a luxury.

If your board is:

  • Micromanaging personnel matters rather than developing a staffing strategy
  • Second guessing tough financial decisions rather than providing insight into financial management
  • Re-analyzing issues rather than supporting board recommendations
  • Providing fundraising wish lists rather than helping develop and execute achievable strategies
  • Criticizing the Executive Director for choices made rather than working collaboratively to clarify priorities and develop strategies
  • Holding meetings that are rambling and repetitious rather than engaged and focused

I have the solutions.

  • Coaching for Nonprofit Board Chairs and Executive directors will enable boards to state their goals, develop an action plan and identify the support needed to implement the plan.
  • With the Board Chair and the Executive Director I can identify the organizational needs for board action and, in collaboration with the leadership team, design, administer and analyze an online board assessment survey.
  • A board retreat can develop agreement on board objectives, procedures and norms, and lead to an action plan.
  • I can also provide coaching to insure the successful implementation of the plan and, as needed, board workshops on specific skills such as fundraising, financial management, outcomes management, planning, etc.